A future built upon our past

Dec 01, 2014 • BY Tim Roberts

One of the satisfactions in being a small service oriented business is the ability to react to the environment -- to quickly modify business plans and take advantage of opportunities as markets and technology change. We have been in the perfect environment for that sort of flex and flux since the launch of our business in 1991.

Wieck began as an image database and delivery service during the dark ages of analog technology. Our first client was The New York Times News Service and our job was to help expand and increase photo sales.

Working closely with the editorial, sales and technology managers, we soon began experimenting with digital storage and bulletin board systems (BBS) of delivery. Within three years -- again working closely with the editorial, sales and technology departments -- we began to experiment with Internet delivery via Web-based software.

The Times Syndicate and News Services now utilize a complex database and web platform system that we built, manage and maintain specifically to meet their goals. The system pushes stories, photos, video and PDF files out to full subscriber points around the world while enabling other publications to peruse available content and download files on an as-needed basis. Even non-clients can make one-off deals. Similarly, the Times Digest and The New York Times International Weekly use the system to deliver PDF files to subscriber points that include military bases, ships at sea, even the astronauts on the International Space Station.

Over the course of the years, we grew the business by adding delivery of images for public relations purposes and then for the auto manufacturers' media relations departments. That, in turn, led to additional clients in many other diverse fields of business.

Our clients now include the best companies in the airline, automotive and energy industries, leaders and innovators among health care providers, the world's best-known publishers as well as public relations institutes and societies. Our Wieck Australasia Pty, Ltd., based and managed by executives in Sydney, provides services to numerous federal and territorial government agencies as well as corporate clients.

We've become a technology service provider that custom builds digital delivery platforms for a wide variety of clients in multiple languages. We provide embedded staffing to assist clients with social media monitoring, management and responses. And we offer consultation on a wide range of digital asset and social media management issues. We have been able to accomplish this by hiring the best people available and by utilizing the best tools we can develop through constant monitoring of the latest developments from the world of digital technology -- all of which is designed for the current and anticipated needs of our clients.

What's next? Who knows? But the Wieck team will be ready.