Happy Holidays from Wieck

Dec 18, 2015 • BY Scott Schwartz

Happy holidays! May the season of company parties bring you plates of delicious food, a glass (or three… or four) of your favorite beverage, and a fun bonding experience with your colleagues.

To celebrate all we’ve accomplished as a company in 2015, the Wieck team gathered at a local waterin' hole for some fun. With a white elephant gift exchange, a friendly arcade game competition and an ugly sweater contest, it was the perfect place for us techies to eat, drink and be merry.

Do you remember that one time you were the first to choose a white elephant gift, you unwrapped a really neat item, and you successfully hid it under the table so that everyone forgot about it and you got to keep it forever? Me neither!

Well, being the wise geeks we are, we made sure no one got stuck with a lousy white elephant gift. Instead, everyone walked away with a gift card from a popular local store or entertainment venue... And you thought it was a game that couldn’t be won!

Dividing into three teams, we played competitive arcade games - basketball, skeeball, racing, and trivia. The competition was tough, but my team, “The Mighty Ducks” won in the end. Congrats to my fellow teammates: Caleb Kennedy, Blas Garcia, Josh Smoot, and Bobby Warren!

December is the one time of the year when wearing the sweater your grandma gave you is not only acceptable, but encouraged. The recipient of this year’s Ugly Sweater Competition grand prize was Ben Nelson, who rocked a red, white and blue stars sweater.

Happy Holidays from Wieck!