Just Wieck: Why We Dropped the "Media"

Dec 03, 2014 • BY Tim Roberts

You might know us as Wieck Media, the name we've served clients proudly behind for years. We love the media, but it's time to drop it out of our name.

For a long time now, we've talked about changing our name. "Media" means different things to different people in the industry these days.

me·di·a - the main means of mass communication (especially television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively. Synonyms: the press, the fourth estate, the news, the papers.

By definition, media refers to all forms of mass communication. But with the evolution of agencies and technology, the context of "media" can vary. Some have asked if we're a media placement agency, and, while we can assist clients in that area, it's not our focus.

We've been mistaken for a print shop and a magazine publisher during our time as "Wieck Media."

More and more, industry notes "media" behind companies and organizations that produce or place the media, especially physical media. And while we do create media, our role as developers, enablers, and strategists for our clients wasn't accurately portrayed by our use of the word.

So we dropped it. Now we're just Wieck.

To you, our readers, friends, and clients, this name change will save you five characters when you write us emails, text or tweet about us. For us as Wieck, it gives us a chance to redefine our characters, both on the screen and off.