The future of motor vehicles: A look back at our experience at CES

Apr 13, 2017 • BY Alysa Franks

CES is known for coolest new electronics intros like this 4K OLED display from LG. The show is now a hotbed of Automotive technology announcements as well.

The International Consumer Electronic Show, better known as CES, is self-described as the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on consumer technologies. It’s riveting to think how far technology has come in the 50 years that CES has existed. Held annually in Las Vegas, 2017 was the first year Wieck attended in any functional capacity, and we got to offer a bit of our expertise behind the scenes this past January.

The use of advanced technology in cars and trucks is more critical now than ever. And a big focus at this year’s CES was the convergence of electronics and motor vehicles. There were lots of future-forward concepts to be announced, and everyone from drivers to investors constantly wonder what the next big thing will be. We were there to help some of the automotive manufacturers deliver their latest messages of digital innovations.

With the use of fiber optics, a whole lot of bandwidth and hands-on work by Wieck staffers, we crafted a reliable and high quality process to live stream events and press conferences. And since the CES, we’ve been excited to apply this method of streaming to auto shows and other events around the world. The possibilities are endless.

We were hands on at Mandalay Bay on January 4 to live stream Hyundai’s press conference. During this time Hyundai revealed the latest in its Future Mobility lineup. The following day we provided similar services for Honda, a long-time client we know well from building, managing and maintaining its digital newsroom. The Honda press conference was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center but with Wieck streaming the event, it was accessible for anyone who couldn’t attend event personally.

Our final project at CES was a series of satellite media interviews with Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of the Board of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. This event was scheduled just before Mr. Ghosn gave his keynote address at the convention. The satellite interviews included some of what he would discuss in the keynote, and were embargoed for use until the address was underway.

What better place to roll out the latest streaming techniques than at CES? We were glad to join forces with other innovative minds to deliver live content to the right audiences.