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In 2010, Nissan sought out Wieck to revamp, the official newsroom for the U.S. and Canada. Shortly after, we expanded the digital newsroom to include all of the Americas, including Brazil, Mexico, and other South and Latin American regions. We also redid the for that brand’s USA region.

The 2013 PR Daily’s Best Online Newsroom award went to the Nissan America’s site that was designed and built by Wieck. And in 2014 The American Business Awards gave Wieck the Gold Stevie® Award for as the year’s Best Online Press Room.

Now as Nissan’s go-to company for content management, website design, and development, Wieck recently launched a newly designed Nissan Global newsroom on our newest digital platform and redesigned the company’s Japanese news site. We now also manage the corporate news blog and various other sites, internal and external. And with the coming 2016 summer Olympics in Brazil, we’ll be working ever more closely with that region’s news and information managers.

“… Just shows how AWESOME you guys at Wieck are.” – Manager, Interactive Strategy, Nissan North America, Inc.



New York Times

New York Times News Service

The New York Times News Service became Wieck’s first client in 1991, when we developed technology that dramatically increased the speed of their photo distribution process.

Today, we provide the content syndication infrastructure on which the NYT sells its content worldwide. Storing millions of images, videos, text files, graphics, crossword puzzles, political cartoons and more on our asset management syndication system, clients and subscribers can easily access and download the files they are looking for.

Wieck also distributes data files for other companies within The NYT umbrella. The TimesDigest, for example, is distributed to commercial points and military bases on land and sea around the world – even to crewmembers aboard the International Space Station!

“I just wanted to express our profound appreciation for your swift help and technical mastery in being able to keep our portal and entire Wieck system running flawlessly despite the incredible volumes being experienced.” – Director of Photos and Graphics, The New York Times News Service (in reference to the 9-11 terrorist attacks)




Baylor Scott & White Health

Baylor Scott and White Health Care

The Baylor Health Care System digital newsroom – built, managed and maintained by Wieck – was the winner of the 2011 PRNews Online Newsroom award and in 2012 was named Best Online Newsroom by Ragan’s Health Care PR and Marketing Awards program. Sammons Says, the Baylor Health Care System blog, another Wieck design, won the 2011 PRNews Best Blog award.

By the end of the year, interactive screens at Baylor Scott & White Health headquarters in Dallas will display stats on hospital performance and health products, as well as important online consumer conversations. The stats and other data and reports will arrive via the Wieck Social Media Listening Center launched in 2015. Authorized Baylor managers and staff will be able to monitor the reports as they arrive. Other managers and executives will receive timely condensed or summary reports with notations of action taken or required. This system is enabling Baylor Scott & White Health to proactively mitigate potential problems and promote good will and kudos from its patients and others.

Wieck also has produced numerous virtual tours for the various Baylor Scott & White Health facilities in the North Texas area.

“Thank you to everyone for your help with this. And huge kudos to the social media team for reaching ABC News with the tweets that they sent out yesterday!” – Director of Media Relations, Baylor Scott & White Health – North Texas




honda copy

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

In 2000, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., turned to Wieck for the first iteration of In early 2004, the company signed on with Wieck to build, host, support, manage and maintain a digital newsroom and database for its Honda and Acura automotive lines. The site was designed to be accessible for public enthusiasts as well as the media. Soon, the site grew to include corporate news as well as Honda’s racing division. Next came the Honda Marine, Motorcycle/ATV and Power Equipment lines and, most recently, the Hondajet program was included.

Wieck has worked closely with all of Honda’s American divisions to provide quality media and public relations service along with on-site assistance and streaming video services at various automotive shows around the country.

“If somebody asked me who my heroes are, I will now say, ‘(Wieck Editor), because she has learned to manipulate the time-space continuum.” – American Honda Motor Co. Rep.



southwestSouthwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has been flying with Wieck since the early 1990’s when we began archiving photos to accompany news releases. In 2005, we began maintaining the company newsroom,

Last year, Wieck was entrusted with the task of managing the company’s award-winning Nuts About Southwest blog.


“Just a quick note to let you know what a great job (Wieck Editor) did in supporting our team this week with the launch of our new seats. I was impressed at the speed and quality of her work and her willingness to adapt at a moment’s notice. Thanks for having such a great team.” – Southwest Airlines Rep.


Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, came aboard as a client in late 2009 after Wieck proposed to build a digital newsroom with a database for audio, image, text and video files. In addition, Wieck has provided worldwide distribution of images direct from the various auto shows in the U.S.







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Kudos for Wieck

“We don’t often tell you folks how much we appreciate the working relationship that has grown between our two companies. As I sit here sending tons of photos to your server for the Detroit show, I was thinking how privileged we are to have your team to work with.”

– Toyota Motor North America, Inc. Rep

“Credit where credit is due. Your services are utterly amazing! How could somebody run a magazine, newspaper, website, or other media outlet without you? You are THE BEST.”

– Senior Editor, Motor Trend

“You all are the best. I continue to be impressed with how quickly you take care of everything for us. I wish all of our vendors were as easy to work with.”

– Intranet Specialist, Visteon Global Communications  

“For the record, you guys are way too fast,”

– Ford Motor Co. Rep  

“The Honda media website is the absolute best in the business! I only wish all other media sites were as functional, fast, and efficient as the Honda site.”

– Editorial Director,