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They Like Us Because We Listen

Listening is crucial for a good doctor-patient relationship and good healthcare outcomes.   Our client, BS&W Healthcare knows this, and listening is a priority for the whole organization, so they asked us for help.

They have 48 hospitals and more than 800 patient care sites in communities all across Texas.   Conversations were happening at multiple locations on multiple platforms, and it was a challenge tracking and responding to concerns, especially so because of HIPPA and privacy factors.

We listened, we asked lots of questions, and came up with a solution.   

The Wieck Social Media Listening Center is a platform that we designed and developed for them. It enables them to track and manage online conversations, and helps them identify and mitigate potential issues. Managers and staff can monitor comments and ratings as they arrive, and leadership receives summary reports of feedback and actions taken or required. Interactive screens at their headquarters in Dallas display stats on each of their hospital's performance and surfaces critical online comments and conversations.

And just like BS&W Health, we believe that world-class customer service requires good listening.

When they came to us and told us they wanted a newsroom, they explained the regulatory challenges and requirements with privacy, accessibility, and multilingualism that needed to be considered.  

We listened.  We did our research.  

Together we designed a website that won awards: Best Online Newsroom and Best Blog from PR News; Best Online Newsroom from Ragan's Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.

Just like BS&W Health, we match expertise and experience with the ability to listen.   

How can we help you?  Call us.  We're ready to listen.  

Thank you to everyone for your help with this. And huge kudos to the social media team for reaching ABC News with the tweets that they sent out yesterday!

Director of Media Relations, Baylor Scott & White Health