Our Work


Boutique Service on a Global Scale

Nissan Motor Co. LTD. has manufacturing facilities in 20 countries and sells cars in more than 160 countries worldwide.  That’s big.  Really big.

Using our newest digital platform, we maintain and manage all Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun newsrooms around the globe.  We support diverse markets and multiple languages (we have multilingual staff and translators).

So how does a small company in Texas take care of a big global company like Nissan?  Personal service on a Global Scale.

Our editorial staff works closely with members of Nissan's content teams around the world.  Our editorial staff members travel to Nissan offices to provide training when new features and tools are introduced. This also gives our team a valuable opportunity to build relationships, allows them to collect feedback, and enables them to spot ways for us to enhance our platform.    Our multilingual staff members and translators enable Wieck to better satisfy Nissan’s needs and better serve the world’s media.

Our staff also collaborates closely with Nissan's team when developing new designs. Together we've created newsrooms, blogs, a digital asset management platform, - we've even won awards together (PR Daily’s Best Online Newsroom and American Business Awards Gold Stevie® for Best Online Press Room).

And we're always just a phone call away, 24/7, 365 days a year.  In fact, we're on a first name basis.   Call us!

“… Just shows how AWESOME you guys at Wieck are.”

– Manager, Interactive Strategy, Nissan North America