What We Do

It's all about the content.

Content Management

Pioneering the online newsroom, Wieck has been managing and distributing content for decades. Admired for their speed and agility, our editorial desk team has been trusted to publish and deliver vital content on behalf of leading global corporations.

  • Content Management

    Unlike most web development and content management companies, Wieck has from inception provided editorial services for clients who need them. Most companies have limited resources and skill sets to properly focus on the non-daily, often sporadic, chores of preparing and loading document, image, audio and video files to ensure proper placement, visibility, and data recording. And even for clients that do have the resources, Wieck’s editorial team provides backup for those occasional “oops” moments when things go awry, sometimes for unknown reasons. Our editors are top-notch, dedicated to excellence and have well-rounded skill sets in editing and proofing broadcast, graphic, photo, text and video files.

  • Content Curation

    The Wieck editorial team reviews all client content to ensure proper format, tags and other metadata criteria before posting. We can make changes on the fly, as when a key figure is promoted or departs, an existing product or service becomes an award winner, or for whatever reason existing content needs quickly to be repurposed. And we routinely manage “hold for release” or “advance” materials; preparing them for publication and than making them “live” at the appointed day and hour. We also are adept at handling “exclusive” materials that are to be distributed on a limited or one-shot basis to designated individuals or media entities.

  • Digital Asset Management

    Whether you need to distribute your digital files to the public, to the media, or just internally, Wieck’s online DAM systems are designed for ease of use on both ends. Among the most time consuming preparations in developing any digital platform are work flow analysis and selection of the proper tools with which staff can do the job. Wieck prides itself in easing clients through this oft-difficult process that is key to the success of any DAM or website with a large number of assets. On the other side is the requirement that the system be easy on the user. While less difficult to design, this requirement is just as important. Wieck always is looking to improve the user experience on each side of its systems.

  • Data, Analytics & Media Tracking

    Our systems are designed to provide custom reporting as needed for each of our clients. The Wieck editorial team checks each file before posting to ensure that all metadata is in place to facilitate client reports and tracking. And when needed, we engage the most respected analytical services to compile special and extraordinary reporting and tracking when required.