What We Do

It's all about the content.


One of the earliest adopters of the internet for communications and marketing functions, Wieck has been developing websites and digital distribution channels for the past quarter century. Our team of seasoned professionals has the experience needed to build sophisticated and reliable websites and digital destinations from the ground up.

  • Digital Newsroom

    Wieck began developing digital newsrooms for clients in the late 1990s as companies became aware that all types of media files could be digitized and distributed via the Internet. The early pioneers were the automotive manufacturers and news organizations, but other companies soon followed. Wieck now has built online newsrooms for clients in such widely diverse fields as airlines and airports, education, energy, entertainment, golf resorts, government, healthcare, food, insurance, motorsports, public relations, and tourism.

  • Website Development

    No two companies have the same exact goals, priorities and requirements when it comes to website needs. That's why Wieck uses a team approach to develop first a strategy, then the workflow and, finally, the integrated design of our custom digital platforms. But we also have some standard at-the-ready tools for building something fast when a special need arises.

  • Consulting / Advising

    From the beginning, Wieck's management and staff has advised clients on a variety of technical and practical levels for best practices and results. The confidence in our expertise stems from our extensive background in the news business and our technical research and development, along with our continuing association with news and information groups, public relations organizations and societies, and various tech groups.

  • Website Hosting

    Client website hosting was offered alongside and at the very beginning of our website development. Originally, Wieck managed and maintained its own servers to host client sites and content. As our client list grew, we migrated those chores to various co-locations that were certified as secure by the Department of Defense. Now, hosting for Wieck clients is shared among several of the cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, IBM's Softlayer, Media Temple and Rackspace.