About Us

Our people are our story.

Our Wieck family makes the difference

We exist to help the world's best news organizations and public relations, marketing and communications teams share and monitor their stories. We don't mean to toot our own horn, but we're kind of like a backseat driver people actually like. Pushing pedal to metal, we're racing against industry standards to see how far we can take our clients. Maybe it's why The New York Times News Service, our very first client, has remained with us since May of 1991, when we dramatically sped up their photo distribution process. A trusted content adviser to Fortune 500 companies, we're a company founded on principles of long-time photojournalists, editors and media producers. Deadline-oriented and customer-centric, we are solution finders who strive to surpass our client's needs. Whether it's web development, content management or multimedia production, Wieck has the technology and people power needed to communicate your message to the world in a timely, compelling manner. Relentlessly seeking better solutions for clients, the Wieck family consists of passionate professionals who join forces to make Wieck the cutting-edge company it is.

Meet The Team

At Wieck, we value our ability to back up artificial intelligence with human intelligence. That's why we keep our team small. Our intimate size allows for an open flow of communication, strengthening our ability to be the fast-paced, agile company our clients need us to be.