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Wieck is a CommTech firm whose strategic technologists and experienced practitioners design content management systems and bespoke storytelling environments to meet every client's unique needs. 

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Combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence, we exist to help the world’s best news organizations and public relations, marketing and communications teams share and monitor their stories.

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“… Just shows how AWESOME you guys at Wieck are.”

– Manager, Interactive Strategy, Nissan North America

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The New York Times

The New York Times News Service became Wieck’s first client in 1991. For 28 years our partnership with The Times has been the one constant whilst disruptive technologies buffeted the newsroom.  

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American Honda Motors

In 2000 when Honda asked us to build their first newsroom, we provided them with technology as reliable as their cars.

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Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz build vehicles that can change lanes automatically with interiors meticulously crafted in wood and leather.  Old and new come together in modern and innovative ways.  We can relate.

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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has been flying with Wieck since the early 1990’s when we began archiving photos to accompany news releases. In 2005, we built the company newsroom, swamedia.com.

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Nissan Motor Co. LTD. sells cars in more than 160 countries worldwide.  That’s big.  Really big. So how does a small company in Texas take care of a big global company like Nissan?  Personal service on a Global Scale. 

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I just wanted to express our profound appreciation for your swift help and technical mastery in being able to keep our portal and entire Wieck system running flawlessly despite the incredible volumes being experienced.
If somebody asked me who my heroes are, I will now say, ‘(Wieck Editor), because she has learned to manipulate the time-space continuum.
… Just shows how AWESOME you guys at Wieck are.
Just a quick note to let you know what a great job (Wieck Editor) did in supporting our team this week with the launch of our new seats. I was impressed at the speed and quality of her work and her willingness to adapt at a moment’s notice. Thanks for having such a great team.

Serving the world's leading organizations

A trusted content adviser to Fortune 500 companies, we’re a company founded on principles of long-time photojournalists, editors and media producers. Deadline oriented and customer-centric, we are solution finders who strive to surpass our client’s needs. Whether it’s web development, content management or multimedia production, Wieck has the technology and people power needed to communicate your message to the world in a timely, compelling manner.

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Jul 17, 2019

The sizzle to our steak

Just a little reel that shows a bit about our work...

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May 16, 2019

Good Communications is Essential for Survival

I read a story in The New York Times early this year (2019) about the ability of a certain fungi to send warning signals to other parts of its body when predators are attacking. This fungi is the “gray shag” or “inky cap” mushroom, the Times reported. The story went on to say that when under attack by fungi-eating nematodes, the mushroom sends out the warning to other parts of its body and then produces a nasty toxin the nematodes don’t like.

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