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The 3 Biggest Problems Facing Comms Departments in 2020

August 2, 2020|

Smaller budgets, higher expectations, a hyper-political media environment, a global pandemic—the road for corporate communications departments hasn’t been easy this year. Along with the kind of evergreen challenges that have always faced comms departments, this [...]

Here’s How Live Streaming Could Transform Your Content Distribution

May 14, 2020|

We’ve all experienced the way video streaming has transformed the entertainment industry. But did you know that streaming is poised to transform your communications department as well? Imagine if, instead of sending out mass emails [...]

Here’s How Your Communications Department Can Add FTE—Without Hiring

February 27, 2020|

Communications departments are used to working with what they’ve got, even if what they’ve got isn’t nearly enough. Usually, that means wearing different hats—lots of different hats. From writing a press release, to editing photos, [...]