Game recognizes game

Honda owners are famously loyal, and this is because Honda has earned a well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability. So in 2000, when American Honda Motor Co. asked us to build their very first online newsroom, we wanted to provide them with technology as reliable as their cars.

Sales reports, new models, or 95,000 viewers watching a live webcast of Jerry Seinfeld introducing the new Acura NSX: since the beginning we’ve been integrating best of breed technologies in every version of and to deliver reliability and performance, even under high loads during peak demand.

High performance is just one of the reasons that our clients choose to host their newsroom with us; high availability is another. Business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) plans should include a company’s online newsroom, and as part of their DR strategy many clients decide not to host their newsroom internally. Our high availability infrastructure is designed to scale and addresses these considerations and to withstand hardware and network outages.

It takes more than cutting edge technology to delivery reliability, and we back that up with client service. We have editorial and support staff available 24/7 to answers any questions or resolve technical issues – no off-shore call centers, no chat or emails sent to some anonymous support inbox.

Reliability and fantastic customer service… that’s how we keep Honda and so many other clients loyal!

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