WIECK has been the constant in their ever-changing world

Our first client, and still, 29 years later

he New York Times News Service became Wieck’s first client in 1991, and since then, technology has disrupted and reshaped the newsroom.

But the one constant during this digital news revolution has been our partnership with The Times.

To be sure, much has changed. We began our relationship with NYT using modems and a platform similar to a Bulletin Board System (remember them?).

Today, we provide the content syndication infrastructure and API on which the NYT sells its content worldwide. We store millions of images, videos, text files, graphics, crossword puzzles, political cartoons and more on our asset management syndication system so that NYT’s clients and subscribers can easily access and download the files they need.

Wieck also distributes data files for other companies within The NYT umbrella. The Times Digest, for example, is distributed to commercial points and military bases on land and sea around the world – even to crew members aboard the International Space Station!

Even with all this change, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to helping The Times leverage new technologies and keep pace with the digital news revolution.

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