A relationship built on media expertise

Technology meets old-world craftsmanship.

hey build vehicles that can change lanes automatically with interiors meticulously crafted in wood and leather. Old and new come together in modern and innovative ways.

We can relate.

At Wieck, technology meets old-school newsroom experience. Our founders were journalists; they understand the importance of accuracy and deadlines. Most of our editorial staff have backgrounds in public relations or journalism.

Our potent blend of technology and expertise in public relations and the news and media business allows us to understand the unique day-to-day challenges of managing a company’s news and cultivating relationships with the media.

We provide Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC with a fully managed newsroom. A few years ago, they asked us for ideas to help them better manage reserving cars for members of the press at invitation-only media test drive events.

Helping engage the brand-journalist relationship.

We designed an RSVP tool that integrates with their newsroom media list. Each member of the MBUSA team can send out an invitation to a press event, members of the media can customize their profile and make specials requests, and everyone on the MBUSA team can review reservations and RSVP responses.

We knew that the success of anything we designed would depend upon whether or not we created a quality, frustration free, user experience for both the client and for the media. Our experience at automotive ‘Ride & Drive’ press events helped us understand the logistical and planning issues our client was managing. We also recognized the unpredictability of the editorial calendar and appreciated the need that journalists would have for a tool that was flexible and allowed for changes.

Data-driven gut feelings

We also had lots of data: we knew the kinds of browsers, devices, even the peak times/days that journalists would probably be using the tool.

We were able to combine this knowledge with our understanding of the unpredictability of the editorial calendar, and created a tool that was flexible and allowed for changes and was rapidly adopted by the media.

This project was driven by data and informed by our journalistic background. Much like a Mercedes-Benz, classic and new came together in a modern and innovative way.

We do this kind of stuff all the time for lots of clients. We’re where digital and media meet.

Let us know how we can put our expertise to work for you.

MBUSA’s digital newsroom first launched in 2009 and was re-designed in 2017.


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