What is CommTech, Anyway?


Martech, edtech, medtech, commtech—the number of industries that have added [...]

What is CommTech, Anyway?2020-10-28T09:46:27-05:00

Good Communications is Essential for Survival


I read a story in The New York Times early this year (2019) about the ability of a certain fungi to send warning signals to other parts of its body when predators are attacking. This fungi is the “gray shag” or “inky cap” mushroom, the Times reported.

Good Communications is Essential for Survival2020-10-28T09:48:28-05:00

Here’s to 2017!


Before popping confetti to ring in the new year, [...]

Here’s to 2017!2020-10-28T09:55:08-05:00

Happy Holidays from Wieck


Happy holidays! May the season of company parties bring [...]

Happy Holidays from Wieck2020-10-28T09:54:09-05:00
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